Why do we need private cloud with support


Everyone knows what is cloud. We are so much bombarded today with it that we must at least heard something about it recently. Anyway you will hear things like you can keep your data remotely and that it is very safe to do so and you can start/play some applications from the “boxes” and blah blah.

But I will ask you who and how the data will be protected when there is a problem. Problems can be very complex: from hackers attack and malewares to lossy admins and thunder strike. Even if there are options to gain refund for such events those companies are very well protected not give any kind money refund. Secondly does money really compensate data loose ? Who is reading you data and who is doing analyze the same time ?

Who will be responsible for HW maleware such as spectre or meltdown when third parties can read kernel’s memory and data from other users on the same cloud ?

For small and medium enterprises we can offer solution which combines good practice of cloud services with serious security protection for your business. We can install and service cloud system according to your business needs and provide service 24/7 with full protection on encrypted mediums with full backup in at least 3 layers. Also we can offer full backup for every hour of your work in case of accidental file remove. Our servers and hardware are covered with no limit warranty.